A crooked tooth is nothing to be proud of. Nothing gives you a let-down feeling on a bright morning than smiling into a mirror and seeing your crooked-teeth reflected back at you. The action of that single moment is enough to douse the flame of one’s smile for that day and gradually whittle away one’s self-esteem as days come and go. Years go by, and one can’t help but feel pangs of regret, regret from not taking adequate, trusted measures to prevent crooked teeth. 

Be thorough in your oral hygiene routine

Naturally, this is what determines how your teeth are going to turn out in the long run; a set of great white teeth or not-so-great brownish-colored teeth. When we say thorough oral hygiene routine, we mean the following:

  • brushing your teeth at least twice a day and with the proper technique.
  • flossing your teeth at least once a day
  • waiting at least one hour after eating to brush your teeth to avoid eroding your enamel.
  • using a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • using a toothpaste that contains the proper amount of fluoride.
  • brushing for two minutes max.
  • replacing your toothbrush every three to four months.

Fix the gap for any missing teeth

Trauma to the face or mouth is unavoidable as we go on living our lives. This can sometimes cause us to lose one or more teeth. Tooth loss can also occur due to dental issue extractions, and so on. The gap that appears as a result of tooth loss causes more pressure on the teeth around it when chewing. This is a result of the uneven force distribution. Therefore, to prevent crooked teeth in the long run, you might want to fix any gaps in your teeth as a result of tooth loss. If you want to take this step and you’re wondering how kindly click here.

Avoid teeth-grinding

At one time or the other, you might have experienced sensitive teeth, tight jaw muscles or dull headache. These might be as a result of teeth-grinding. Whether you’re conscious of it or not, teeth-grinding eventually wears your teeth down and changes the shape of your mouth. Most definitely, this causes crooked teeth. If you’re unconscious of this habit, you might need to watch yourself, especially when you are agitated.

Avoid any hand-face leaning and other oral fixations

While working or in a bad sitting position many people tend to rest their face on their hand. While you might think this gives you a little respite from the discomfort you’re feeling at that moment, you’re actually putting pressure on that side of your jaw where it leans on the hand. This pressure can shift your teeth on that particular jawline, causing you crooked teeth in the long run. Furthermore, avoid excessive use of toothpicks. Placing objects like pen in your mouth and making bubbles while chewing gum should be avoided too, as these acts put pressure on your teeth.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach puts pressure on your teeth. When you do this repeatedly, the pressure causes your teeth to shift out of place, leading to crowded teeth. But if you find it hard to change this sleeping habit, try sleeping on your side or back from time to time.

If you put the above tips into practice, your teeth will always be in very good condition and nothing can hold back your stunning smiles. But if you already have crooked teeth, all hope is not lost. You can still do something about it. Kindly call us on +2348107337585 or send a mail to info@alignitng.com to book an appointment with us. We have specialists who are ready to attend to you in order to assess your specific dental needs. The treatment process starts with a digital scan of your jaw and teeth. After this is done, you will be provided with AlignIT, a set of custom-made clear aligners that will straighten your teeth. 

However, if you have ever wondered whether you qualified for a cosmetic procedure, then you can take this smile assessment test. The power of your smile rests in your hands. Do whatever it takes every day to keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright.