Amazingly, braces have hit the height of popularity more than other measures you would need to straighten your teeth. You may consider them fanciful however, do you know that braces are really expensive? Oh! Did I just pull your thoughts towards invisalign? Not that, both (Braces and Invisalign) are very much expensive ways to straighten your teeth. To achieve that perfect smile, you would be subjected to paying over hundreds of thousands of Naira if not millions. 

Moreso, metal braces might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about getting a straighter smile, but dentists can use different kinds of braces, including clear braces (AlignIT), to straighten teeth. Asides these two, there are other ways to straighten your teeth including

Clear or tooth-colored ceramic braces

  • At-home teeth straightening kit
  • Retainers

Don’t give up just yet, we have you all covered. That’s where we come in. Have you heard of AlignIt clear aligners. Before we go on with the details we would give you a run down list of the importance of straightening your teeth. 

Benefits of getting your teeth straightened. 

We can overhaul the list. One of the biggest and well known reasons why people pay huge sums of money and pass through pressure pain to straighten their teeth is to achieve  a confident smile. Oh yes! Everyone has a smile, but not all is confident about it.

You would totally agree that appearance is one of the most important factors for many. Those who aren’t blessed with a perfect smile can be self-conscious about their teeth, and may opt to get them straightened even if there isn’t a medical need to do so.

Also, an improved smile can improve quality of life. It could help you win that job and also maybe find the perfect love, who knows? 

Asides the social and professional benefits of having straighter teeth, straightening your teeth also has several other health benefits like 

  • Having healthy gum.
  • Improvement of speech.
  • Easy brushing.
  • Less wear and tear.

AlignIT is a type of clear aligners that is used to correct misaligned teeth.  They are classified as an orthodontic treatment that helps to straighten teeth without the use of the typical metal braces.

AlignIT uses CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER Technology

AlignIT uses the CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER system which has been in use for more than 10 years successfully to helping patients get easy and beautiful smile. The process includes a scan with a digital scanner that ensures a complete, accurate scan of your teeth in minutes, without all the mess and inconsistencies of at-home dental impression kits.

Following an initial scan and assessment of your jaw and teeth, a set of clear aligners will be made to your specific needs. These aligners are made from the finest of materials and they are just as flexible and durable.

After they’ve been made, the aligners are sent to your home in your own Impressions kit, which also includes complimentary whitening gel. Aligners are changed out weekly to slowly move teeth into alignment.

If you have wondered whether you qualified for a cosmetic procedure, then you should take this assessment quiz.