Making a decision about straightening one’s teeth stems from the desire to boost one’s self-confidence, which, in part, is linked to how awesome a smile is. To transform your smile is simply to have a set of teeth that are not crooked, that are well-shaped, and natural-looking. 

Well, a great smile has one deciding factor: a well-positioned, well-shaped set of teeth. Despite this, you would totally agree that a well-positioned tooth is usually determined by the gum structure and space available for the teeth. Most times, you can’t control how your teeth and gums appear but you can repair them and make them perfect with clear aligners or traditional braces. This is where AlignIT steps in to set in motion that transformation you truly seek. You can take the smile assessment test here to know if you qualify for AlignIT. 

Why a transformed smile has a lot to do with the state of your teeth

Good oral hygiene has just one very important objective for you: keeping your teeth healthy. Your healthy teeth structure contributes to the stunning quality of your beautiful smile. But dental decay undermines this quality when good oral hygiene is not maintained. This gives mouth bacteria the leeway to feast on bits of food that are stuck between any two teeth in the mouth. This causes plaque which eats away at the gum, causing gum disease and regression. The crookedness of your teeth also follow this same path. In addition to this, plaque also forces your teeth apart, eventually leading to tooth loss, when adequate care is not taken.

All these teeth problems work together to give your teeth an unwelcoming look that discourages you from smiling more. Which leaves you with two choices: accept the state of your teeth and live with it; even though it’s bad for your overall dental health and self-esteem, or go for a dental alignment procedure and transform your smile, and get your self-esteem back.

So how do you begin to transform your smile?

There are some great choices out there and they’re quite good too. AlignIT is one of  the best teeth positioning aligners that will help you transform your smile.

Your AlignIT treatment is only peculiar to you, as the process of treatment differs for every patient. Your treatment is fitted to your oral needs, and it’s determined by an AlignIT dentist who, during consultation, determines how your treatment journey will be. As his or her duty is to help you transform your smile, the dentist will continue to monitor your progress in the journey every step of the way.

Your process of treatment is simple:

There are a scan and assessment of your jaw and teeth, to which a set of clear aligners is made to fit each stage of alignment of your teeth. After the clear aligners have been made, they’re sent to your home in your own impression kit. What makes this deal sweeter is the fact that a complimentary whitening gel is included in your impression kit so that you get the complete package: a straight set of teeth with a whitish shine. If there’s any other procedure that can help you transform your smile, it can never meet this bar set effortlessly by AlignIT treatment procedure.

You don’t have to worry about your lifestyle during this treatment; AlignIT clear aligners are just that: clear. They are almost invisible and they bring out the naturalness of your teeth, making it seem like you’re not wearing anything on your teeth. As your goal is to transform your smile, AlignIT clear aligners are definitely made not to stand in your way. Durable and flexible, you get a perfect fit with AlignIT clear aligners and you never feel a pinch of discomfort. You get to be you with your aligners on. And that’s the beauty of the AlignIT treatment.

In the course of the treatment, week by week, the aligners are changed to move your teeth into alignment. If you have ever wondered if you qualify for a cosmetic procedure, you can take a quick assessment quiz on our website However, if you’re convinced of your need for teeth alignment, contact us on +2348107337585 or send a mail to You deserve a beautiful smile, no matter how old you are. Transform yourself. Transform your smile. Get AlignIT today.