Using clear aligners (AlignIT) to change smiles is gaining popularity which begs to question of why they are gaining traction. Also considering that metallic braces have long been used to align smiles, it only makes sense why the curiosity! 

Clear Aligner (AlignIT): When Did They Come Into Existence.

This might be your first time hearing about clear aligners or AlignIT, however, rest assured that they do work very well to set your teeth straight. 

Clear aligners were created way back in the 1990s with the finest of plastics such that it doesn’t interrupt your lifestyle.  Ever since its creation, AlignIt has gone ahead to help those who can’t afford the luxury of traditional braces as well as invisalign

How Clear Aligners Work. 

You would agree that the world is constantly changing, thus technology is finding a new  grasp daily into human lives. Clear aligners (AlignIT) see your teeth as a modeling object and add a little pressure to help you position them correctly.. 

Your teeth are not really fixed. They change because your periodontal ligament, cementum and jawbone react to changing pressures in your mouth. When you bite down, it causes tension and compression. Tension results in deposits of cementum being made in the bone. Compression, on the other hand, is the resorption or dissolution of bone and cementum. These oppositional things happen to maintain balance and keep your teeth in position.

Clear aligner utilizes the use of natural processes to help you position your teeth. They capture the forces of tension and compress them, adequately manipulate them to help place the teeth in perfect position slowly and gently. In most cases, the process would aid the development of a new bone. 

How Long Do Clear Aligners Take to Transform Your Teeth? 

Generally, you are supposed to get a set of clear aligners every two weeks within the time frame of your treatment. Each one you receive is custom made and you can start to see your teeth slowly positioning within a short period. While that’s impressive, it’s important to understand that only represents the movement of your periodontal ligament. It doesn’t account for the movement of bone. It takes about two weeks for ligament fibers to apply enough pressure on the cementum and the bone. The amount of time needed to correct your misalignment is dependent on your teeth. Also, you would be required to wear your clear aligners for at least 22-23 hours daily without removal. 

Does Clear Aligners Move The Molars?

The teeth can be moved with clear aligners. When we say the teeth, including incisors, canines, premolars and molars. In cases where there is multiple crowding, the process would take longer. Whether you’re interested in AlignIt for adults or teens, you can get the results you’re hoping for with us. An approved and trained AlignIt dentist will ensure that you get the perfect smile.. You don’t have to hide your smile any longer. Let’s help you map out your smile journey. Contact us today!