If you are considering getting a perfect smile, there are certain questions you would have at heart and of course, would want answers too. Your questions may likely pop around braces versus clear aligners which should I choose, how affordable are braces when compared to clear aligners, is the same procedure that involves the clear aligners and braces, and more. So, the question, do clear aligners (AlignIT) work like braces? Well, oh yes! They do and they are more affordable. They have better advantages over braces. Let’s show you how. 

Clear Aligners (AlignIT) and Braces: Which Would Work Faster 

Some may have heard of them while others may not have because they are still relatively new to the dental industry. Clear (AlignIT) offers the same end goal for patients seeking straighter teeth, but the way that they work is much different than that of traditional braces. AlignIT doesn’t have wires or bands to connect, but instead, they act as a clear removable aligner so that a patient is in control.

Clear aligners (AlignIT) work very simply. The patient must always keep the aligners in, in order to achieve maximum results. The only time that an aligner is suggested to be removed is when the patient needs to brush and floss regularly.

A lot of people may not realize it, but AlignIT typically works much faster than braces. A clear aligner works to apply pressure to all of the teeth together, as opposed to each individual tooth, as braces do. If a patient remains disciplined with their aligners, then the AlignIT is determined to work faster than braces.

Braces vs Clear Aligners (AlignIT): Getting Straight to the Basics

Of truth, both were created to improve your smile and oral health. However, braces have stayed longer than AlignIT. Braces involve the use of metals and glue to help align your teeth and they can be really fanciful. However can be very painful 

On the other hand, clear aligners (AlignIT) are designed to be invisible, no one knows you are wearing them. They are plastic and are custom designed to fit your teeth. No one would ever know you are wearing them except when there is a closer look. 

AlignIt and Braces: Which Is More Effective?

Research and studies have shown that clear aligners are more effective with adjusting of less crowded teeth. Nevertheless in cases of severe overcrowding, metallic braces have proven to be more effective.  This doesn’t mean that clear aligners (AligntIT) are not used to straighten crowded teeth. They are of course but they take a longer period of time before showing effectiveness. 

AlignIT and Braces: Which is more comfortable? 

 You wouldn’t expect to have a foreign object in your mouth and you don’t feel discomfort, well, both clear aligners and braces give discomfort. However clear aligner is gentle with pressure when compared with braces. Because of this, a clear aligner is more comfortable than braces and there is no risk of having a cut on the gum since the trays are smooth. 

Eating With Braces Or Clear Aligners 

While putting on braces, you would need to be extra careful with eating as you don’t want to break them. You are advised to stay off hard and sticky meals so you don’t cause the accumulation of dental plaque on your teeth. Also, you would need to eat with caution unless your braces may distort. 

On the other hand, while wearing clear aligners, you would just need to take them off, eat whatever you want to. After eating, you would need to rinse your mouth with water before gently wearing them back.