Smiling is a free gift. You would totally agree that no one is paid to smile. Unfortunately, there are certain oral problems that could steal your smile no matter how you try. Confidence stolen, shyness rebirth. In our years of practice, we have seen too many complaints of crooked teeth stealing away the patient’s smile. Bearing this at heart, we decided to create a solution that wouldn’t only transform your smile but boost your confidence. An appliance that is flexible, transparent, affordable, and easy to use. Unlike braces, everyone would know that you are putting on metals, however, with AlignIT (Clear aligners), no one would even notice.

The very big advantage of AlignIT with other appliances used to straighten the teeth is the fact that it is cheaper, easy to use and custom made. We have even gone ahead to create a hassle-free process. At the comfort of your home, you make your demand, we fix the appointment with an AlignIT trained dentist and we follow up with your appointment. All you need to do is make that request. To get started, kindly contact us on ‪+234 810 733 7585‬ or send an email to 

In your quest of choosing AlignIT clear aligners, here are 5 major tips to bear in mind while using them. 

There’s No Cause for Self-Consciousness During your Treatment.

There is no need to be afraid while acquiring AlignIT. You don’t need to worry about the appliance affecting your lifestyle or your eating habit. The Nigerian custom made aligners have been tested and trusted such that they are checked healthy. 

The only moment you may require to remove your clear aligners is a period when you want to clean them, brush your teeth, or maybe you craved a hot meal. Remember that AlignIT clear aligners are made from high tech plastics and hot substances could likely distort your appliance. 

The near invisibility property of clear aligners ensures that you don’t have so many eyes gazing at you. AlignIT clear aligners are only visible when there is a closer and calculative look.

Finally, AlignIT straightens your teeth without pain. The pressure caused by your clear aligners is majorly focused on the teeth. You would totally not feel anything. It is also good to bear in mind that being a foreign object, at the beginning of your treatment, you may feel uncomfortable. Don’t panic yet, your mouth would certainly adjust. 

Clear Aligners are Popular than You Think

Maybe it’s your first time, clear aligners are more popular than you think. They have long been in existence but then, metallic braces have stayed longer in existence. Also, considering the fact that metallic braces are really visible than clear aligners, you may have come across someone on clear aligners but not notice them.


Aforementioned, hot meals are not friendly with AlignIT. You would need to take them off during such moments. Also, we totally advise that during the consumption of hard meals such as chips, candles, and the likes, you kindly pull off your clear aligners. 


Due to the presence of your clear aligners, you would need to top your game with your brushing routine. The normal routine is to brush twice daily, however with clear aligners, you are required to brush after every meal. This is because you wouldn’t want to stain the lovely transparent piece or trap food with it. Also, if you don’t brush every after every meal, there are tendencies you might develop halitosis; bad breathing.

Your treatment Doesn’t End with your AlignIT clear aligners

Clear aligners would help you position your teeth adequately in the right position, however, you would still need to wear retainers to hold them permanently in place. The amount of time required for you to wear those retainers is dependent on the type of procedure you have just undergone. 

AlignIT is tested and trusted to help you win back your smile. AlignIT treatment is straightforward. Following an initial scan and assessment of your teeth and jaw, a set of aligners are made according to your specific needs, as shown by the initial scan and assessment.

If you’re ready to take that step towards having a set of beautiful, well-positioned teeth, but still undecided you could take our assessment test to see if you qualify. To get yours,  kindly contact us on ‪+234 810 733 7585‬ or send an email to