In as much that we acknowledge the principle of the first appliance technologically created to align the teeth, we would also love you to understand those clear aligners are the best option so far to help make those smiles beam.  Averagely, metallic braces are costlier than using a clear aligner to straighten your teeth. When we say clear aligners, we refer to AlignIT. On the other hand, the cost of the other known clear aligner (Invisalign) is costlier than AlignIT. Let’s give you a rundown on most of the facts you should know about Braces, Invisalign, and Clear Aligners. 

Braces vs Invisalign Vs AlignIT: The Primary Differences

Of a truth, all trio are used to straighten the teeth, thus making the smile perfect. They all work with pressure and pulling the tooth into a perfect spot. While this is done, the mouth gains a seven flow of blood circulation as well as promotes your general health as a whole. 

The major difference between these three are specifically on the type of material used, cost and longevity of appliance usage. 

Let’s Talk Quickly About Dental Braces. 

What’s your first thought about having metals in your mouth? Do you feel threatened? Well, you are not the first on the list, so many people refer this to as a train track. It similarly represents the rails of a train in the mouth. The only difference is that you don’t have trains rolling on them. 

Braces have been ever-present. You could refer to them as one of the ancestors to make proper alignment of teeth possible. As a result of how long they have stayed, they are populated and oftentimes opinionated. 

Though their age is an opportunity to reduce their price, however, that’s not the case. They are still high priced and they take way longer to repair the teeth. Their prices vary from a million naira and above. The price stated isn’t conclusive, however, the price is dependent on the type of malocclusion involved as well as the dental clinic used. 

What About Invisalign?

You know as technology improves, everything gets better. So is the tale of Invisalign. A group of brainiacs game together and created a transparent clear aligner to help position the teeth at a faster rate and a more comfortable way. 

Unlike braces, you can take them off and clean them properly without being scared of distorting the appliance. Though there are rules involved with getting an invisalign, you would be updated with these rules as soon as your procedure begins. 

As for the cost of this clear aligner, the average for adults can be anywhere from two million naira and above. If your teeth only need minor correction or movement, you may even pay less.

What About AlignIT?

AlignItF is similar to Invisalign, however, the group of brainiacs who created AlignIt focused on making the clear aligner affordable and way more effective when compared to the former. AlignIt stands as an affordable appliance used to correct the teeth. 

To find out more about pricing, you should check here. Also, the team has made available a virtual assessment test to help you know if you qualified for an AlignIt procedure. Take the test here

When AlignIT is Your Better Option

No matter how tiny that malocclusion or teeth correction looks, you should totally consider AlignIT. It delivers efficient and effective teeth movement methods with less pain and have proven to help further complicated cases of tooth movement. 

A licensed AlignIT dentist would provide you with all the requirements needed. The licensed dentist would use a set of clear trays with digital means to help you align your teeth. You would be required to wear them at all times except when you eat, brush and floss. You would be often required to replace the appliance every couple of weeks

The Aligner Advantage That Goes Beyond Its Near-Invisibility

If your biggest concern for not getting braces before is the thought of uncomfortable and shiny metal brackets and wires, AlignIT may just be the best treatment for you. But there’s more to these invisible aligners than just their lack of obvious appearance.

You may have heard that one common consequence of permanent dental braces is the increased risk of tooth decay. This has something to do with the greater difficulty of thoroughly cleaning the teeth and gums due to the glued brackets and intertwined wires.

The easy-to-remove aligners of the AlignIT system address these concerns. Since you can take them off before eating and brushing, you’ll have greater access to even the hardest-to-reach areas of your mouth. This also makes flossing easier, which is almost impossible with permanent braces.

Here’s a bonus: You don’t have to worry about diet limitations! Of course, you still need to watch what you eat (to stay healthy!). But you won’t have to face the same restrictions when it comes to types of food you can eat while on traditional braces.

Ready for Healthier, Straighter Teeth?

In the battle between dental braces vs Invisalign vs AlignIT, you decide the winner. After all, you need to base your final decision on the state of your teeth, how severe the crookedness/misalignment is, and your personal preferences. 

If you’re interested in more information about your options, please feel free to connect with us. We’ll be more than happy to answer your teeth straightening questions!