The power of a smile is only effective when the teeth are in great dental health. In cases where your teeth are crooked or poorly aligned teeth, you definitely would lose confidence. As you would definitely want to straighten your teeth, it is safe to assume that you would naturally want to err on the side of affordability, AlignIT is your best option to bring back that smile that you’ve lost.

Why you should straighten your teeth without delay.

Aside from what dental health does to your smile, dental health is paramount for the continued existence and proper functioning of the teeth. This continued existence can be threatened when a set of teeth becomes crooked over a long period of time. In Nigeria, it is common to see some young or old folks going about with their dental lineup crooked or crowded. While you may think the situation can be managed, it is actually a bad idea. To straighten your teeth is to save yourself a lot of problems in the long run. You might be wondering how unpleasant these problems can be as time passes by. 

Crooked teeth are hard to clean, especially in between them. When bits of food get stuck between two crooked teeth, for example, with some still stuck even after cleaning, it causes tooth decay, which is accelerated by the continual deposition of tiny bits of food materials. Ultimately, it leads to gum disease, which, if left unattended to, degenerate into a more serious condition; Periodontitis. This is a prudent reason for you to straighten your teeth using AlignIt so that you can avoid this unpleasant eventuality. 

Moreso, crooked teeth can also lead to serial indigestion. Because the teeth are poorly aligned, the proper chewing action is impossible, leaving some foods not properly chewed. This leads to indigestion. And as eating is a repetitive action needed for living, you continue to have repeated cases of digestion problems. In addition to this, you have constant teeth wear to worry about. As you continue going about your daily activities while depriving your teeth the proper treatment only AlignIt can give, your teeth keep wearing out due to their positioning. In addition to this, the gums are also stressed, which results in gum troubles and jaw strain.

Finally, we understand the importance of a smile to self-esteem. And it is generally agreed that a well-maintained dentition prompts you to smile more. It gives you that  unconscious inner reassurance to believe that anything is possible. And when you get positive feedback, it does wonders for your self-esteem

Why AlignIT is the affordable Corrective Measure you need

Getting regular dental care treatment is a must for everyone, but it’s not a cakewalk for folks who don’t have health insurance schemes. And of course, to straighten your teeth is no easy walk in the park. But this factor was considered when AlignIt was manufactured. 

Many people with poorly-aligned teeth in Nigeria shy away from braces because of embarrassment. As a result, they would rather just avoid treatment altogether. This is a huge problem solved as AlignIt is a type of clear aligners made with special attention to teeth alignment problems and how they can be solved. Clear aligners are a type of orthodontic treatment that corrects crooked or misaligned teeth. The main advantage of AlignIt is the ease of use and the fact that the aligners go unnoticed on you due to the fact that they are invisible. With this, you can straighten your teeth without having to worry about being self-conscious. Of course, you would have to worry about being self-conscious if you use braces.

Also, the aligners are made from materials of very high quality, and their flexibility and durability are unquestionable. In addition, they never undergo discoloration. Another huge plus with using AlignIt is that it is easy to combine teeth alignment with teeth whitening procedures because AlignIt comes in tray forms. And most importantly, AlignIt stands out from the masses of orthodontic treatment because it is affordable and always available whenever you need it

If your aim is to straighten your teeth without stress, to straighten your teeth at an affordable cost that’s easy on your pocket, to transform your smile, making it bigger, better, and prettier than before, get AlignIt. Contact us here to get yours.