Clear aligners have proven to help on different occasions where the teeth need to be placed properly or even help with the build or filling of missing teeth. If you have one or more missing teeth, not only can you still get AlignIT but you may likely choose to have it before replacing that tooth. Here’s how AlignIT can help prepare for a tooth replacement. 

Why Should You Replace Your Missing Tooth? 

In Nigeria, dental health is often neglected. You would see a lot of people with missing tooth ith little or no intention of looking for a solution. Some who have gone ahead to get a replacement have been exposed to the cons of not getting them. 

A missing tooth replacement could be a denture, dental implant, dental crowns or bridges. However the most common dental restorative are dentures. All retoratives are false teeth however, dentures define this falsehood better. Dental implants are first screwed to your jaw before eventually getting a crown. On the other hand, Crowns and bridges would require that you a tooth or more serves as an abutment to anchor the false teeth coming in. 

You should replace that missing tooth to help build your aesthetics, phonetics and avoid unnecessary drifting of other standing teeth. 

AlignIT: They make room for missing teeth/tooth 

In cases where your tooth or teeth have been missing for a long time, it might be difficult to get a replacement. This is because the space created by the missing tooth may have undergone regression or other teeth had fallen into that missing space. 

So, before you can get that replacement, you may require the use of AlignIt to position the existing tooth back to its original space. So that you would be able to use a dental restorative comfortably. 

AlignIT was specifically designed to provide an easy and effective way of positioning the teeth and giving you the perfect smile. They are popularly known for straightening crooked teeth and are the perfect plugs for teeth positioning. AlignIT is custom made in Nigeria and is created based on your smile and where you want the tooth movement. 

There have been amazing results from tons of people who have used Alignit. You could be one of them. To get your AlignIT kindly contact us here. However, if you are not sure you need to get AlignIt, kindly take the smile test assessment here or book an appointment with a dentist here. 

AlignIT is Most Preferred To Braces 

Unarguably, braces are also used to transform smiles and reposition the teeth. They also make room for other dental restoratives. However, when in comparison with AlignIt, the latter has much more benefits than the former. 

Foremost, AlignIT is invisible. They are clear custom made plastic clear aligners who don’t undergo any form of discoloration. The effect of discoloration is altered because they are often changed according to the movement of the tooth. In fact, AlignIT is not noticeable; making it a better alternative. In contrast, braces are also noticeable and easily accumulate in food. 

Secondly, with AlignIT it is easy to get a teeth whitening procedure. This is obviously because AlignIT comes in tray forms. On the other hand, braces are unable to whiten the teeth while simultaneously positioning your teeth. 

Lastly, AlignIT is way easy to keep clean. However, braces are not easily cleaned as AlignIT because they are not removable at home. 

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