About AlignIT!

AlignIT is a type of clear aligners that is used to correct misaligned teeth.  They are classified as an orthodontic treatment that helps to straighten teeth without the use of the typical metal braces.

AlignIT uses CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER Technology

AlignIT uses the CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER system which has been in use for more than 10 years successfully to helping patients get easy and beautiful smile. The process includes a scan with a digital scanner that ensures a complete, accurate scan of your teeth in minutes, without all the mess and inconsistencies of at-home dental impression kits.
Following an initial scan and assessment of your jaw and teeth, a set of clear aligners will be made to your specific needs. These aligners are made from the finest of materials and they are just as flexible and durable.
After they’ve been made, the aligners are sent to your home in your own Impressions kit, which also includes complimentary whitening gel. Aligners are changed out weekly to slowly move teeth into alignment.
If you have wondered whether you qualified for a cosmetic procedure, then you should take this assessment quiz.



See How AlignIT Benefits You

AlignIT is clear and transparent, almost invisible. You can speak and laugh without difficulty.

The high-quality aligners assures a normal feeling in your mouth, it is pleasantly smooth and biocompatible.

You can take in and out at any time, e.g. for meals and cleansing.

Cleaning your AlignIT aligners can be easily done.

AlignIT is more affordable than other treatment options for teeth alignment.

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