One major reason why people go for clear aligners is because of the looks, i.e it’s transparency. However, there are other neglected reasons why you should always choose a clear aligner over conventional braces. This article would educate you on 6 reasons why you should trust AlignIt asides from the looks. 

A Perfect bite

The creation of orthodontics treatment is focused on giving you a perfect bite such that it affects your general well being as a person. If you don’t have a perfect bite, it may likely affect your feeding habit, thus affecting your general health. Often times, dentists are focused on selling smiles instead of educating patients on the other benefits of having a perfect bite. Unarguably, a beautiful smile brings confidence and self-esteem but without perfect health, no one would recognize your smile. 

Jaw Positioning 

The best way to describe a jaw is with your home doors. When there is an issue with the door, there would be difficulty in opening and shutting the door. With this example, the jaw is likened to a door with two hinges one hinge at each ear and the door jam and the strike plate being your teeth. You wouldn’t want any sort of pain while trying to open or close your mouth. The equivalent in the mouth is TMJ or TMD, pain in the joints, clicking and popping, misaligned jaws, inefficient and painful chewing, or the inability to chew. Perfectly aligned teeth will allow that door to open and close freely without slow deterioration of the jaw and without pain.

Easy Digestion and Chewability 

 Unarguable the mouth is the first stage of aiding digestion. When food goes to your mouth, the chewing process mixed with saliva begins the metabolic process for food digestion. If your teeth are maligned, there are certain possibilities that this may affect your chewing capabilities thereby causing other dental problems. To help correct this, AlignIt is the perfect appliance. 

Tooth Positioning 

Proper tooth positioning leads to better bone architecture and gum positioning, which promotes a self-maintaining mode for oral health. It’s not just what’s above the surface! When the teeth are crooked, the bone that’s supporting the tooth is also crooked, leading to complications. This is referred to as bone architecture and without optimal bone architecture, it is almost impossible to have good gum and tooth health.

AlignIt Can Fix Facial Jaws And Muscles 

Patients that suffer from sore facial muscles and from the effects of grinding can not only benefit from a better bite, but they can also benefit from wearing an aligner over several months. As long as there is no joint pathology, wearing an Invisalign aligner is a great way to deprogram the muscles involved in grinding and relieve TMD symptoms.

Misaligned teeth suffer from food impaction and make it more difficult to brush and floss properly.

When teeth do not fit up against each other tightly enough, it is likely that, at every meal, a piece of stringy meat or vegetable will get caught in between the teeth and will stay there until removed by floss. This condition is called food impaction and can cause great harm to the gums and teeth. The food is held in place by the misaligned teeth so that the bacteria can feast upon it. Facilitating their growth in your mouth will bring about accelerated gum recession and dull, throbbing pain in the mouth.

Proper positioning of the teeth facilitates easier and more efficacious flossing and brushing. If your teeth are all lined up correctly in the proper position, there is less for you to do and less to worry about to have good oral health.

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