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Who is AlignIT for?


Get affordable treatment for your patient without Stress
Spend less time in teeth straightening procedure
Improve patient smiles in a short time.
You mustn’t be an orthodontist to perform this procedure.
Get patients at impulse as referred by us.


Straighten your teeth with ease
Straighten your teeth at an affordable cost
By-Pass the search for an online dentist
Make that smile magical!

How much does AlignIT Cost?

AlignIT can straighten out your teeth faster and is similarly priced with braces. Unlike its competitor, AlignIT is more affordable. To make purchases, you would need to either:

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About AlignIT

AlignIT is Nigerian made custom clear aligners are used to correct misaligned teeth. They are classified as an orthodontic treatment that helps to straighten teeth without the use of the typical metal braces.

AlignIT uses CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER Technology.

AlignIT uses the CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER system which has been in use for more than 10 years successfully to helping patients get an easy and beautiful smiles. The process includes a scan with a digital scanner that ensures a complete, accurate scan of your teeth in minutes, without all the mess and inconsistencies of at-home dental impression kits.
Following an initial scan and assessment of your jaw and teeth, a set of clear aligners will be made to your specific needs. These aligners are made from the finest of materials and they are just as flexible and durable.
After they’ve been made, the aligners are sent to your home in your own Impressions kit, which also includes complimentary whitening gel. Aligners are changed out weekly to slowly move teeth into alignment.
If you have wondered whether you qualified for a cosmetic procedure, then you should take this assessment quiz.

Why Choose AlignIT?

Easy to Use

Unlike other types of orthodontic treatment, the highest benefit of using AlignIT is because it is hassle free. No stress. You can have your teeth aligned with no stress and pain free. All you have to do is wake up, take out your aligners, brush your teeth and clean those aligners, put them back in, and you are ready to go for the entire day!

Aesthetically Pleasing

Unlike metallic braces, no one would know you are putting on any appliance. They move your teeth slower than braces, causing less pain. They are also better looking, almost imperceptible to other people. It works like magic.


Every solution comes with a price. AlignIT is not as expensive as other types of orthodontic treatment. It is affordable and available.

One on One Consultation

We would help you book an appointment with a trained AlignIt dentist who would help you through your smile transformation. We would walk you through each process and ensure adequate dental procedures.



I am really excited! When I heard about AlignIt, I decided to give a shot since it was better than the normal braces. I hated the fact that with braces I can get food stuck to my teeth and the stress of having to clean them tenaciously. With AlignIT all I have to do is to remove my appliance and eat. I wanted my teeth straightener with no stress. Now I have my perfect smile at an affordable rate and no stress. I couldn’t be anything happier.


Lekki, Lagos State
One basic reason why I choose AlignIT is because I am no longer a kid. I didn’t want to look like a kid with braces on and have to pass through the stress of keeping them clean. There is much more work with keeping your teeth in good shape while using orthodontics braces than AlignIT. With AlignIT is simple and clear.


Ketu, Lagos State
I smile with my shoulders all raised in confidence. All thanks to AlignIT who is helping me achieve my smile goals at an affordable rate. Though I am still in treatment, the end goal is something I look forward to.


Ilupeju, Lagos Nigeria
What I like best about AlignIT is the fact that I can take them out and floss and brush my teeth and put them back in. So it’s not like I’m working around all this metal in my mouth, trying to get the toothbrush and floss in there.

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